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How to block materials for VA01 at plant level?

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Helllo SAP Experts,

I would lile to block the material at Sales Order level for particular plant. Is there any setting which enables me to do that. Like some indicator at material master or so. At Material master --> Sales Org 1 view; there is one indicator "X-distr.chain status". However this restricts material at Sales Area level which I dont want.

I can use Material exclsuion. However, I wanted to check in case some thing is available in material master by which i can restrict this material to be sold from particular Plant in a Sales Order.

Thanks you for your help with this.

Thx and regards,


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Answers (3)

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You can set the status in the X-PLANT material status in the BASIC DATA 1 .

Then it will blokc the material



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Hi Pradeep,

This can be done by Setting the Plant-sp.matl status indicator in costing1 view of material master value to 01 (Use MM02) . this wont allow you to do PGI for that material from that specific plant. but you will able to create Sales order -> Delivery -> Transfer order.

else If you dont want to sell the material from that specific plant just delete the material master from that Plant. Whenevr you need the material you can just extend the material to that plant.

Hope this helps.



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Hello Arun,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

My requirement is this materail is getting sold by other Sales Orgs from that plant. Only for particular sales orgs + plant combination we dont want to sell the material.

I can use material exclsuion. However, i was trying to find out is there any other way to adrress this issue.

Thanks in advace for your help with this.

Thanks and regards,


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Go to MM06 and block the material as per the Plant & Sales Org. & Distribution Plant.

If you want to block the material for all plants , then select the Check Box against the Material.

Best Regards,


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try Using X-plant Material Status in the basic Data of Material master



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You can use the

X plant material status

in Basic data1

but it will stuop at the time of Goods issue

Not at Sales order level