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How to become a SAP MM Consultant from an end user

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Hi all,

I am seeking advice on how to become an SAP MM consultant.

I have never been a SAP consultant, or worked as a consultant before. I have about 4 or 5 years of experience as a SAP end user using modules FICO, MM, IM and some BI.

I am keen to work in MM as an SAP consultant but I have no relevant qualifications, only experience from previous jobs. I've looked on Open SAP and SAP Learning Hub but I feel like all the courses there are for consultants who are already working in SAP and wanting to up skill, so not sure if this is right for someone who's just starting up like me.

Do you think doing a Supply Chain Management qualification, or perhaps Inventory Management outside of SAP elsewhere is a good starting point? What do I need to do to become an SAP consultant one day please?

Thank you

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Nicolas,

You can post such a questions and topic on

SAP TechEd
SAP BTP Learning Group
SAP Coffee Corner


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Just talk to a recruiter or apply with consultancy company. With your experience and the current market, I'm sure there are plenty of companies interested to talk to you and invest in you.

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You have plus point that you already have 5years end user experiences - you can follow this forum for 1year which will updates you real issues from business with ERP and also you can practice with system to acquire knowledge on configuration/customization/development.

You too can approach your organization for your aspiration and surely your organization ensure one can mentor you as you are interested.