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How to Automatic update next inspection date

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Hi everybody,

I used "inspection interval" in T-code: MM02 to set up next inspection date for batch of inspection lot.

However, it only applies to the first time after GR,

For the next time I have to manually enter "next inspection date" in MSC2N.

So please show me how to: "Automatic update next inspection date"

Or another way, I can enter "next inspection date" more quickly,

Thank you so much,

Tran Phuong

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Active Contributor

The next inspection date is recalculated when you make a UD on an 09 inspection for the batch.

You would need to run QA10 - deadline monitoring to create 09 inspection lots. That's usually run nightly in a batch job.

Once the lots are created, you process them and make the UD. The next inspection date is calculated using the date of the UD, not the last inspection date.

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