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How to automate procedure from MRP to P.O and then EDI

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can some explain the steps i need to perform if i want to automate the process form mrp run to creation of p,o and the send it to vendor using EDI PLZ

donno much about mrp so if some can explain in easy steps i want

mrp run and generates p.req

i have source of supply so p.req will pick one of them

then automaticlay create p.o and then using message type neu send it to customer

how can i run mrp on spaceifc material so it can generate a p.req and then p,o

thank you very much gurus

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To run MRP you need to setup certain prerquisies

1) Activate MRP for the plant under IMG>MM>CBP>Planning>Activate

2) Maintain the plant parameters under IMG>MM>CBP>Plant parameters

3) Maintain Material master with MRp 1 & 2 views with valid MRP type for eg Reorderpoint, Lot size , Scheduling etc

4) Maintain the Source list with valid source of supply and make it MRP relevant

5) Run Tcode MD01 to genearate PR if the demand exist ( example you set up reorder point with 500 pcs if stock comes down below 500 you can generate PR by running MRP)

6) To convert PR to PO you can use ME59n Manually or in Backround and make sure that all the prerequisites are met

7) Set up EDI/ALE setting with the help of ABAper to send the PO to external vendor.

You have to explore more before setting up the above procedure.

Hope it helps