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How to assign release strategy to plant

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We have our release strategy at the purchase requisition level for several plants.  With a new plant just added, how do I assign the same release strategy to it as another  plant? I looked in SPRO and I can't find anything that has a plant assignment.  We have 1 release group, 3 release codes, regular release indicators, and 2 release strategies.  When I create a  PR for the new plant the Release strategy doesn't kick in.

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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Are you using release strategy with classification or without classification ?

Note the release strategy which you want to enter the plant.

Then go to OLME-Purchase Requisition-Release Procedure-Procedure with Classification-Set Up Procedure with Classification-Release Strategies. Then click on Classification

Here, you will find your existing plants, just click Insert Row, then add your new plant and save your data.

Then check.

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Hi Marianna

If your release strategy is setup with Classification then for each release strategy, go into CL20n transaction (032 class type),

Enter plant ID in the class characteristics (hope there is an option for plant).