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How to assign queue automatically to warehouse order on RF enviroment?

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Can you help investigate the issue about auto assign queue in RF menu, please? When I assign a queue manually, it works fine in RF menu, so the only issue is about how to assign a queue automatically to warehouse order?

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Dear SAP Community,

Warehouse orders can be assigned to resources in radio frequency (RF) and non-RF environments.

In an RF environment, warehouse orders can be assigned manually or automatically, while in a non-RF environment, warehouse orders are only assigned manually.

If warehouse orders are to be automatically assigned to a resource, the warehouse orders must belong to the queue to which the resource is assigned, and in which the resource is authorized to work.

You can assign a resource to a specific queue, or assign its resource group to a sequence of allowed queues.

For further information, please check the documentation that can help you understand the warehouse orders being assigned automatically to a resource and its relation to the queue setup on our SAP official documentation:

Assignment of Warehouse Order to Resource

Warehouse Order Selection



Thank you!

Best regards,

SAP Support.