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How to assign muiti-HUs to one bin in EWM

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Dear all,

I have met a problem in assign HUs to bin.

I want to assign many HUs to one bin in putaway warehouse task,but I cannot find any function to support it in SAP cloud EWM.

So could you tell me how to solve it?

Thanks a lot in advanced.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Xinghui,

the functionality you are looking for is a setting on storage type level that specifies if mixed storage is allowed. Looking at the template processes of Cloud WM, I would suggest to use storage type SG01 that allows mixed storage without limitations and also supports HUs.

Let me know if this helps.

Kind Regards,


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Dear Nadine.

Thanks for your reply.

As far I use storage type SG01 to solve my problem,but this always suggest the same bin when I am processing the warehouse task for putaway,so I must to change my destination bin.

So I wish to set a new storage type that allows mixed storage better.

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Hi Xinghui,

as far as I know the SG01-Type is designed to have one bin only, to me it looks suited for a general storage area such as a free area on the ground where your store multiple items.


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Hi Frank,

How do you mean SG01 is designed to only have 1 bin. I know it is stated as such in 'Manage your solution'. However, what implications do you think it have on putaway/picking processes? We are planning to continue with SG01 and multiple bins on it.

In attachment, you can find the different characteristics/settings behind each storage type and SG01 seemed to meet our requirements regarding these settings.

Many thanks for your feedback!

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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