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how to assign customer master number ranges

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sap gurus,

can i know the transaction codes for

all the number ranges which are available in std sap r/3.

can any body help me on this




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Use VN01 for number range maintainence (sales,delivery,billing)

J1I9 - excise number range maintainence

hope this helps


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Dear balaji

Following are the number ranges which you can see in SNUM or SNRO.

VN01 - SD Number Range

FBN1 - FI Number range

XDN1 - Customer Naumber Range

CO82 - Production Order Number Range

MMNR - Material Master Number Range

Excise related Objects

J_1IARE1 ARE1 Doc No object based on Series Group

J_1IARE3 ARE3 Doc No object based on Series Group

J_1IBOND Excise Bonding: Bond number object

J_1ICERT Withholding Tax Certificates (India)

J_1ICHLNNO Internal number range for challans

J_1ICONPLA Consolidated PLA serial no. generation

J_1IDEPINV Excise Invoice Number for Depot Invoices

J_1IEXCEXP Export excise invoice number range

J_1IEXCINV Excise invoice number

J_1IEXCLOC Local excise invoice number range

J_1IEXCTST Excise invoice with intervals

J_1IEXINEX Excise invoice number for export

J_1IINTNUM Internally document number to be generated

J_1IINTPR2 Despatch serial number

J_1ILIC Excise Bonding: License number object

J_1IPLA2 PLA part II number range object

J_1IRG1 RG1 Number range object

J_1IRG1_T No. Range for RG1 - Excise group / Material

J_1IRG23A1 RG23A part 1 no. range object

J_1IRG23A2 RG23A part II number range object

J_1IRG23C1 RG23C part I number range object

J_1IRG23C2 RG23C part II number range object

J_1IRG23D Folio Numbers for RG 23D


G. Lakshmipathi

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Please check with transaction SNUM for all the number range objects with number ranges in R3. Table to see number ranges is NRIV

Rewards if it helps



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Hi balaji

VN01 - number range for sales delivery , billing

FBN1, - accouting number range