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How to add "Functional Area" field in f-02 ?

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Can you help me out in adding up the "functional area" field in F-02 screen. Steps would be helpful.

I am trying to add the functional area field in the above "Coding block" screen of F-02 screen. When you press help button the coding block screen appears. In that screen I should add "functional area" field.

I can see that field in the learning material but they did not gave any explanation on this, on how to add this field and all. Please help. Stucked here badly.

Sridhar G.


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Hi Sridhar,

there is a field in BSEG - FKBER

CHAR40Functional Area

take help of ABAP to bring this field on to the screen Layout.

this is for my information, are you going to manually update the func area field while posting?

what i have seen and within my knowledge the Func Areas are attached to the PRofit center and when we use a PC on the Doc we get the func area.

hope this helps