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How to add field in existing PLD

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Hi expert,

I have some problem,

Due to the crystal report can not automatically print in journal voucher ( Need to fill the docKey@ ) , So i decided to print preview using PLD system. The problem is in the existing PLD i want to add profit center,project, and 2 udf which i get the information from table BTF1.

I have add and save it. But when i print preview the sap become out of the memory or error.

Do you know how to solve it ?

actually i also use the related feature. but it's fail.

thank in advance


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How did you add them?



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Hi, gordon,

i add it in existing pld system,

Firstly i click the icon database in menu bar then i drag it beside the Credit FC in repetitive area0 section.

Then, in Properties field , in Content tab , the table i select Journal Voucher Row ( BTF1) by using alt + click .

In Column , i select profit center.

After that , In Related to i select the Unique id of Journal voucher no in header for example F_015.

The last i save.

if i don't use the "Related To feature". The problem is still same. Can not print preview.

i also add the other field like project and 2 UDF. The problem also same.

Do you know why ?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Bodhi.......

I guess your records in PLD goes in Infinite loop so I would suggest you to go for Query based CR where you can get the exact recods and data if you give proper joins.....

Try it once.......



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Hi Rahul,

i have already try to use in CR. But in CR i face a problem.

The CR doesn't automatic print when i print for example journal voucher no 1. i have already select the record in journal voucher no 1 but when i click print preview , the CR ask me to fill the dockey again. It is not like the other document which always automatic print. So, in Journal voucher can not automatic print , if i use CR. This issue i have post in this thread. . But still do not find the solution.

Because i don't have any idea in CR. So i move to PLD.

In PLD , i just add some field from the existing PLD system. But i also face another problem.

I can not add profit code, project, and 2 UDF. Actually the fields is in table BTF1. ( Journal voucher row) i just add beside the Credit field in PLD. But until now i still can not print preview using PLD.

Do you have any solution ?

Thanks in advance



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