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How to add editable BP master field in sales order and invoice?

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There is one business scenario where they perform sale for one time customer. They want business master PAN no field to be added in sales header and invoice header. The field must be editable (user can enter PAN No manually while creating order/invoice). The field data must be updated in master data too.

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Hi Kartik,

This should be possible using Key User Extensibility. You can find more information about Key User Extensibility in Sales in that blog. There is also another blog which describe how to copy a field from Customer Master to the Sales Order.

If you provide me some more information, I can give you a short step by step description how to implement it in your system.

- Which S/4HANA version are you using?

- Which apps/transactions are you using for processing Sales Orders/Invoices?

- Should the field be copied from customer master into the sales order or should it only be only available in the sales order and invoice?

- I did not get your last sentence. Is the PAN no already available in standard or do you want a custom field for it? Should it be updated in customer master data after creating a sales order?

- Is the PAN no a field in customer master (KNA1) or in customer sales area (KNVV)?

Best regards,