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How to add default value to a field ,please tell me step by step for that

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Hi friends,

I want to put a default value in the Purchse order type in the sales order.

Please let me know the procedure to set a default value for any standard field.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Madhu,

you can do this by sceen varient i belive.

Any other guru has to update us on screen variant.



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I want to a default value in a field ie purchase order type in ssales order header

pls suggest the suitable screen exit/solution

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi All,

To show a "purchage order type" in the sales order header, we can use a function exit. This function exit located in the enhancement no. V45A0002.

You create project using CMOD and after that enter V45A0002 in the enhancement field and click on the components. In the components, we will see the exit EXIT_SAPMV45A_0002. This exit is used for our purpose.

Double clicking on this exit will takes us to function builder (SE37) . This

function exit has one exporting parameters and two importing parameters, we are interested in exporting parameter which is E_BSARK

of type VBAK-BSARK i.e if we move the desired customer name to this

structure(E_BSARK) it will be shown in the field as the default value when we create the sales order.

This function also contains a customer include ZXVVA04 . This include

will be used to write our custom code .

Double clicking on this include and it will prompt us that this include does not exists do you want to create this object ,select yes and the include will be created .In this include we can write our own code that will fill the field E_BSARK.

e.g. E_KUNNR = "XX".

Thanks & Regards


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Hello Madhu,

I think, You can achieve that functionality through Parameter ID concept.

Use the transaction code - SU01 (Maintain User) - Parameters tab (provided you have authorisation to use the transaction code as it is basis related)

Here you can give the technical name and value of the field (like for PO number - BSTKD) you want to appear as default. <b>The same concept works for any Standard field</b>.

<b>Note: pls note that this concept is user it only works for which ever User ID that has been configured for it.</b>

<b>Reward if helps</b>



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this field does not have a Parameter ID so its not possible to default through a parameter ID.

It can only be done through a screen variant that you can create through SHD0 (zero).

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Hi Madhu,

We can only set the Default Purchase order type in Sales Order by using a user Exit.

this can not be done by using Standard SAP.

Please Try with User Exit :- MV45AFZZ

Please Reward if really Hepfuf,

Thank and Regard