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how root is Configured?

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how root is Configured?

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Hi Srini,

Route can be determined in sales order with the help of 5 parameters: depart country, shipping conditions in customer master record, transportation group in material master, destination country, and weight group.

Weight group plays a vital role. The purpose of route detrmination is like in scenario's where company will ship goods to the customer in various ways not only that it has optional of having n number of routes select the best one & based on his customer priority (time & money.) for sending samples company will go for air, for delivering ordered goods it can go for different mode of transportation & routes.

Configuration part:

SPRO > LE - Shipping - Basic shipping functions Routes

Define Routes:

Define mode of transportation

Define shipping types.

Asssign shipping types to mode of transportation.

Define Routes and Stages

Maintain Stages For All Routes

Route Determination:

Define Transportation Zones

Maintain Country And Transportation Zone For Shipping Point

Define Transportation Groups

Define Weight Groups

Maintain Route Determination in the combination of

a) Departure country/Departure Zone - maintained in shipping point configuration

b) Shipping condition from the sales order

c) Transportation planning group mantained in General/Plant view of material master.

d) Destination country/Transportation zone maintained in General view -Address of Customer master of Ship to Party

Reward points if it helpful