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How requirements will effect stock

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there are two requirements


movement type 261 (GI for order), quantity 200, debit/credit - S


movement type 261 (GI for order), quantity 300, debit/credit - H

Do I understand correctly that req1 (once material doc is posted) increases the stock by 200 units and req2 decreases the stock by 300 units?


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prod order1

component overview

requirements quantity for material A -200

prod order2

requirements quantity for material A +300

I check tran MD04

the first req has positive sign , the second one is negative

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Go to both production orders CO03 select Component A go in detalis and check the movement type I think it should be 261 for 200 quantity and 531 for 300 qty component.

Also check the BOM of 300 quantity order where component A is define as By- product with negative quantity in cs03 or cs02.



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Yes , you are right

+200 has mt 261

-300 has mt 531

Does it mean these movements effect the stock differently?