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How many GR/IR accounts are to be defined

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i have defined 5 inventory gl accounts one for each type of material group. As such do i have to specify all the 5 gl accounts in the BSX transaction key of OBYC screen or only one? Under the same example how many GR/IR accounts do i have to specify for WRX transaction key?

If the answer is i have to specify only one inventory account and one GR/IR account, how can i handle all the 5 different material groups using this single inventory and GR/IR account?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raja,

You need to assing all 5 inventory accounts in BSX & it will be good even to create 5 corresponding GR/IR accounts (logically you can assing single GR/IR) and assing them in WRX.

That will solve your purpose of getting inventory reports based on material groups.

Hope you have maintained Accounting view of respective material masters properly.



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