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How frieght cost can be incorporated in the price of the material ?

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Hi Friends,

Requirement is frieght cost should be incorporated in the price of the material .How this should be configured 'Sales Order value greater than equal to 15000,then frieght cost is free '.

If it is less than 15000,frieght cost levied.How to calculate freight cost?

One way we found is adding new requirement type or alternate calculation type in the pricing procedure.How far is it correct?My approach is correct or not.

Some customers picks up the mateials from the warehouse itself.The sales commission caluculation will be different for this kind of orders. How to identify pick up orders without configuring new order type??How to calculate sales commission for these kind of orders?

Our client is not interested to configure seperate order type.

Can any body have ideas ,how best can be approached for this?

Thanks in advance...VM

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello VM,

If your freight charges are calculated based on weight, then you may require a scale base formula or condition base formula to read the scales on the condition record based on the order value and to calculate freight based on the weight of the order.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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As you want to incorporate the freight cost in the price of the material means maintain freight condition type at item level only Now Going with Requirement or Alternate Calculation type is the only solution .

as you are comparing the freight value with the sales order .

If you want to calculate only freight value in the sales document then you can go with scales while maintaining conditon record of freight condition type