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How do we extract data from UKM_BP_DISPLAY by country as it works in FDK43 Transaction in SAP ECC?

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Hello Experts,

We recently completed our migration to S4, which introduced a new Credit Management system. Previously, in our ECC environment, we utilized the FDK43 report, which allowed us to run reports by selecting countries through dynamic field selection. However, in the new system, the UKM_BP_DISPLAY report lacks the option to extract data by country. This report is used globally across almost 50,000 Business Partners (BPs), and our users are struggling to identify them by their respective countries.

I've thoroughly explored available options and noticed fields such as Nationality and Country/Region format, but unfortunately, inputting parameters into these fields results in a blank report. I'm eager to find a standard solution rather than resorting to development efforts, as I believe SAP should inherently support features that were available in FDK43.

Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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you should use the Fiori app Display Credit Account Data. In the filter bar of that app you can add the filter "Country/Region Key".

General recommendation would be to work with Fiori in SAP Credit Management ins S/4 from the release S/4 2022 upwards. Because we have a 100% native Fiori coverage since that release. SAP GUI transactions, like the one you mentioned, technically will work. But do not expect any new features / enhancements for these.

Best regards,

Helge Meyer, Product Owner SAP Credit Management