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How do I know who confirm or cancel a Transfer order

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Hi SAP Guru,

The Warehouse Transfer order was created by User A. I can find it in the table LTAK.

However, it was picked and confirm by User B.

Where can I find the information on User B doing the confirmation for the transfer order?


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If you go to LT21 and click on Extras and check of confirmations there, then the confirmations is greyed out. It is standard.
You need to go to LT21, select the line item and click on Goto -> Item -> Single item.
You will see the confirmations button on the top. Click on it and you will find the date and time at which it was confirmed and the user who has confirmed it.

But as Kasper has said, you can check it at database level more easily.
Goto SE11 -> Enter LTAP and check for QDATU, QZEIT and QNAME fields.

Renuka Dharmadhikari