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How create a session timeout with a countdown timer in SAPUI5 app that interacts with ABAP backend?

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Hallo everyone,

I need to create a session management in abap, when the user is inactive for two minutes, he will reseive a notification ( see the photo) with countdown timer for example 5 minutes, telling him that he will be forced to logout if in 5 minutes if inactivity continues.

Have someone an idea, step by step please because I am a beginner.




Thank you.

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Applications based on REST framework (eg SAPUI5 Fiori apps) are stateless, meaning they don't maintain a session in the backend. Every call to the backend is a brand new independent call, it knows nothing about what the user did previously. 

REST is different from GUI or Web Dynpro frameworks where you created a session in the backend as soon as a user logged in, and you could lock and unlock objects at will during the session. Fiori apps, like all new RESTful apps, are totally separated from the backend.

If you want to keep a timeout and log users off (ie. force them out of Fiori launchpad) you need to do it in the front-end  using Javascripts. There are lots of timer examples if you google for Javascript timers. Fiori Launchpad also has a timeout settings you can configure, but don't expect a ticking timer display for the user, and don't expect anything to happen in the backend.


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In fact - in Workzone it is kind of timer in a form of dialog, which will pop out x min before session timeout. Both timeout value and number of minutes before timeout (to popup) is configurable.

As described in documentation -