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how copy or duplicate SAP roles from company to another

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Hello dear GURU,

I would like to copy/duplicate a new composite role in a new company we have created in SAP.

in fact this role already exists in another company in SAP.

when i run PFCG, i find this role, which is a derived role that already contains several transactions.

my aim is to copy or duplicate this role with all the associated transactions for the new company that has already been created.

Is it possible to do this? Could I have the process.

thank you in advance at experts

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Derivation only applies to singles roles. Process is :

1) Have a template role with transactions/catalogs etc... Think you can re-use existing role from actual company but it's probably not a best practice

2) Maintain non-organizational objects in the template role

3) Create a derivated role depending of the company and maintain organizational objects for it

4) You can directly get maintained object from the template role

5) If you have to change objects in template role don't forget to refresh derivated roles

That's a resume without all the subtleties, if you have more precise question don't hesitate

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When you say company, you are talking of a new company code created inside the same SAP instance/client?

If so, you just to copy the role and inside, go to the Authorizations tab, open the Authorization Data and go to the "Organization levels..." and update accordingly. Please look into this thread:

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yes I'm talking a new company code created inside the same SAP instance/client