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how can we know that particular field belongs that table..

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hi gurus

actually mt doubt is without knowing the table name how can we know whether that aprticular field belongd fo SD or MM or FI..



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hi bhaskar,

give me your e-mail id ill send you some documents which will surely help you in solving your problem.

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We have a lot of tables in sap module wise. if u given one field name in the DD03l table it shows .

i have few tables for this how to find easily.

DD01L Domains

DD01T R/3 DD: domain texts

DD02L SAP Tables

DD02T R/3 DD: SAP table texts

DD03L Table Fields

DD03T DD: Texts for fields (language dependent)

DD04L Data elements

DD04T R/3 DD: Data element texts

DD05S Foreign key fields

DD06L Pool/cluster structures

DD06T R/3 DD: texts on SQL tables

DD07L R/3 DD: values for the domains

DD07T DD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Languag

DD08L R/3 DD: relationship definitions

DD08T Texts on the relationship definitions

DD09C ABAP/4: Sytem-dependent attributes of tech

DD09L DD: Technical settings of tables

The easiest way to remember the table in sap is:

Just try to remember the sap terminology of representing the business or buisness objects... such as

all vendor tables start with L such as lfa1, etc..

all customer tables start with K ... Kna1, konv...

all sales tables start with V... vbak vbap

all master data tables start with T... T001, t001w

all bank tables start with B.. Bknf, bkpf....

all purchasing tables start with E.. ekko, ekpo etc..

all material tables start with M... mara, makt, marc...


in sales, delivery, billing, purchasing...

if the tables name contains K init it is Header data

such as vbak, likp, vbrk, ekko...

if the tables name contains P init it is Item data

such as vbap, lips, vbrp, ekpo ....

Coming to FI tables... there are only 6 important tables in whole Finance module which are mostly used by abapers.

They can be remember by:

if the table name contains I, that is open item

if the table name contains A, that is closed item

if the table name ends with S, that is GL account

exp BSIS- GL master open items

BSAS- GL master closed items

like wise...

if the table name ends with D, that is customer

if the table name ends with K, that is vendor

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Infact you are correct,

Depending upon the requirement we can decide this belongs to which module.

suppose material stock means we check in sd module.

if its material BOM means we goto PP module TABLES.

if its material change means we goto MM module tables.

If we dont any reqt means we cant tell the module.

Either you shoould know the reqt or you should know the table name.



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its based on table we will get to know particular field belongs to mm or sd.......................

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You can enter that field in DD03l table and find the Table Name

But to know whether that field is a SD or MM related SAP has provided some field called Application (KAPPL)

for SD it is V and MM it is M

again it is through the experience you will know which table belongs to which module

so there is no hardcoded rule to tell that this table belongs to this module