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How can limit CO01 can not release production order?But CO02 can release?

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Hi Experts,

In our company,for some special reasons, we want with CO01 we can not release the production orders.

That means using CO01 we only can create one production order and then save it. And after save the

production order , we can use CO02 to release the production order.

Means CO01 only can create the production order,but CO02 can rlease the production order??

Means in CO01 screen, the green flag button for release is gray, but in CO02 screen the the green

flag button for release is bright and we can use it.

Can it be possible in SAP? How configure the system to achieve it?

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You can do it with the transaction variant in T Code SHD0 (zero).

Make a Txn variant of CO01 and de-activate the 'Release' button.

I have used it this way once for the same requirement.

Check & Revert for further clarifications.



Edited by: Rohit Chauhan on Jun 3, 2009 11:37 AM