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How can I prevent someone from reversing a specific document type

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Is it possible to prevent a document type from being able to be reversed?  For the sake of this example, document type "BS" refers to the type used for Electronic Bank Statement (EBS) postings.  Any corrections to "BS" postings need to take place in the bank account and post to GL through the EBS.  From time to time, "BS" documents are accidentally or erroniously reversed causing the GL and the bank account to be out of balance.

While a journal voucher can be used to replicate the entry, our accounting department prefers that another solution be found.

So, is it possible to make so document type "BS" is not able to be reversed using transaction FB08 or F.80?


Thomas Campbell.

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Hi Thomas,

You have document type BS which is only for EBS ( Bank reco.postings). As suggested by Mr.Nishan go for authorization object control. Go to OBA7 > Double click on Document type BS > Enter authorization group as any alphanumeric characters & assign the same in authorization objects suggested by Mr.Nishan F_BKPF_BLA with help of basis guys.

In some cases user makes mistakes ,that time how do you reverse the same document ,if you activate the validation at transaction code level.

Better go for authorization control. It is my idea only.