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how can I find Currently logged on user list ?

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Version: SAP Business One 2004 A (SQL Server)

do any one of you know which database table (or a file for that matter) holds the currently logged on user detailes such as id ? , - I am not interested in password. It would be handy for the system admin to know how many users are logged on to SAP currently and who they are. I do not see such a facility directly on SAP .

appreciate your help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Indika,

License service as of version 2004 provides an (nearly undocumented) interface that inludes this functionality. GetLoggedinUsers is the method which would return the users list in XML format.

See this thread how to use license service:

Unfortunately it is not yet clear whether or how exactly this interface will be kept or be accessible for 2005.

So, you may use it now, but it is not yet clear how you can get this information in future.



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I would be reluctant use this on an Add-On if it is not Supported by SAP, thanks all the same.


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I verified this component with SAP and they have confirmed that the 2005 version will be supported. (you are probably aware of all this but I am publishing this anyway for the use of others).

however the next version of the component is CORBA based, and anyone wishing to use this needs to know CORBA. The COM component currently used on 2004 will not be supported.

I have created a little excel application using this and it works fine so far on my pc too, I am yet to test it on a client server enviorenment. I will post the results then.

The good thing about this component is that it does not need to be run from SAP as an add-on.

Thanks for this hint Frank.

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