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How can i delete one absence quota for one employee from cluster tables ?

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Employee hired on 14.09.2016.generated time quota from 14.09.2015 to 31.12.2015. 

later hired date changed to 16.09.2015.

now when i generating quota for 2016  , below error is comming.

as per me , quota available in cluster table with old hire date 14.09.2016. its not updated with new hire date.

How can i update that date in cluster table.

Please help me

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Answers (3)

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Hi Ananda,

You can get access of Cluster B2 data from PT66 transection and can also remove any data from here. But removal of cluster data is not recommended activity.


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Hi Anand,

Check this link: How to delete the Time Evaluation Results | SCN

Make sure to delete the relevant entries in 2006 and its corresponding entries in IT2001 or IT2002 (if there is/are deduction/s happened through these Infotypes), after deleting the old entries in cluster, re-run TE to get the relevant Quota calculated from the new Hire Date.


Kuppan Seenu

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Go Through below links you will get an idea.

Changing the EE's Entry Date After Payroll: Actual Entry Date Af - Personnel Administration (PA-PA) ...

After that rerun time evaluation still you are getting an error go to PA30  and select the record from IT2006 click on delete(Manual option) and then check IT0003 and change IT0003 status and the re run time evaluation.

Even you can use PU01 to remove cluster details.