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How can a part appraiser edit his/her part appraisal in backend?

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Hello colleagues,

I'm customizing now 360 degree appraisal system for a customer.

Does anyone know how can user execute part appraisal in backend?

I have done the following already:

- define full column access for part appraisers to PAPP column (on VA level and subordinate levels)

- define full access for all users to push buttons for status change

- assign my user to personal number in IT 0105

- create an appraisal document, set me as part appraiser, set sequence and period of part appraisals

The appraisal document is now in status "In Process", substatus "Part Appraisal in process".

The report RHHAP_DISPLAY_DB returns that 2 part appraisals were created (ID 1 and ID 2).

But in transaction PHAP_ADMIN_PA I see only one appraisal document - I suggest that it is main appraisal document. It is opened only in display mode. Part appraisal columns cannot be edit here.

So my question is: can I execute part appraisal in backend? if yes - how?



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Answers (1)

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I have found the solution!

We should define the selection criteria "part appraiser" (in PHAP_ADMIN_PA or PHAP_CHANGE_PA). The result is a list of part appraisals that can be opened in editable mode.