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Horizon based Credit in ECC - Outside Horizon consumption increased

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Hello Experts, we are working on implementing Horizon Based Credit Limit.

We have done all the required basis configurations for Dynamic credit control (Horizon) for customer, Order Type OR (copy of OR), item category TAN (credit active).

The problem we are seeing or facing is

1. Order Created with item material availability (March-15-2023) within horizon(Apr-01-2023) consumption increased. - Expected

2. Order Created with item material availability (June-01-2023) way outside of horizon(Apr-01-2023) still consumption increased. - Not expected (from my understanding).

any suggestion, on what need to be done to stop consumption for point/scenario 2.

Below are the steps we have done:

1. Created a credit control area, assigned to company code, Sales area and customer.

2. Order type - assigned credit check "D", Credit group "01"

3. Item Category - TAN - Credit active

4. Automatic credit control - update "000012, Dynamic - Horizon, 30 Days

5. Maintain Credit limit for customer

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Updating the credit value to S066 infostructure is not a problem. The credit value has to be stored, but the system is excluding the ones outside the horizon during credit check. If you go to FD33 and check the Credit Horizon Date is it correctly showing 01.04.2023? If yes and you delete that datum (just for display purpose, it won't update anything) then does the Credit exposure change? If the exposure changes that indicates there were other credit values outside the horizon.

Are you using delivery-related billing process? Which billing relevancy is selected on the item category?
The update per material availability date (VBEP-MBDAT) is only relevant for delivery-related scenario. If the credit value for your orders was updated to infostructure S067 then you use probably an order-related scenario. For that see note 1065954 - Dynamic credit check for order-related billing

Best regards,

Active Contributor
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Hello Siva Durga Madhuranthakam,

Please refer below SAP Blog. Might it helps to you.

Confirm if it's works for you.


Neeraj Jain

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Thank you for answering Neeraj.

1. We have not implemented FSCM based credit, Traditional OVA8 Horizon is what we have implemented. This article talks about customer enhancement to the standard.

2. Also, my question is about standard SAP horizon behavior. I am not looking for, how to modify the standard behavior.

3. From my understanding and per note KBA - 379007 "If the sales order items lie within the horizon, the system adds their open values to the consumption, if the sales order items lie outside the horizon, they do not increase the consumption. In this case, the material availability date is also relevant."

4. Why it is not working in my case...what we missed to set up/configure is what my question?? In my original question under Problem we are facing point 2...

5. Hope I have explained myself clear??