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Holidays based on Employee Sub Group Grouping.

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In my clients place we have a requirement to setup holiday calendar based on employee sub group grouping. So that mean that employees who belong to same personal sub area grouping for Work schedules should have different holiday calendar based on employee sub grouping for work schedules.

The issue is that holiday calendar assignment is done based on Personnel Area and Personnel Sub Area. Am sure we should have a way out for same, please guide.

For Clarity below is an example:

Personal Area - Mumb

Personal SubArea - 001

Employee Group - FT ( Full Time )

Employee Sub Group - OL ( Old Employee joined before a date )

Employee Group - FT ( Full Time )

Employee Sub Group - NE ( Employee joined after a given date ).

Personal Area - MUMB/001 will have employee's in both employee sub group grouping.

The issue is that client wants that employee belonging to employee sub grouping NE should assigned to a different holiday calendar than one assigned to employee sub grouping OL although both work in same personal area/subarea.

Please advice.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Priyanka,

i think it could not be possible because we will assign holiday calender to psa,but we can assign only one calender per psa

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Your requirement can very much be done.

You would obviously have to create different Holiday calendars (For instance, in your given example, it would be something like Mumbai 1 & Mumbai 2).

And as far Defining your employee subgroup groupings for work schedule is concerned, you have the option of differentiating between New & old employees. Please go through the node "Workschedule Rules & Work schedules --> Define Employee subgroup Groupings."

Pls. go through the below link for clarification.

Do let me know incase of any questions.