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HIRE using HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA --> 'NULL' object reference not possible.

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Hi All,

I need to change an old program that uses HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA to do a hire. The problem is that when called it throws a null-pointer exception in method "CHECK_ENAME_CHANGED" of class CL_HRPA_SAPUP50R_ADAPTER.

The problem also seems to be related to the SAP Note 783499 which we used to resolve the problem with user grouping. (setting CCURE PC_UI = X in table T77S0)

Does anyone know a way to resolve this error or other function modules/classes to use to create an employee?



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Answers (2)

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You mean hire employee or create employee data ?

Check FM 'HR_PAD_HIRE_EMPLOYEE' for the first

Have a look at class CL_HRPA_MASTERDATA_BL for the second.

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You could use HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION, I guess, but at some point of time it will lso hit HR_MAINTAIN_MASTERDATA.

Perhaps there is a fundamental issue with the data. You refer to OSS note 783499, have you already tried running RPUFIXDS to fix any data inconsistencies?