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Hii Expert,I am having issue related to retention money in purchase order after goods receipt.

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Actually in this scenario user created purchase order and forget to add retention and make grir. But after many months he wants to add retention. Where they were unable to add retention in miro.


Now as purchase order history already been created, So retention dropdown is in grey out i.e non editable state. So request you to kindly share your expert opinion to resolve this issue. Either through configuration it is possible or enhancement required or any bapi or function module to resolve this challenge.

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1. Is it possbile to cancel the MIRO, GR, and then Edit the PO?

2. If it's not when you do posting MIRO, you can add GL account for retention based on amount of retention, I think it's on debit. When you want to pay retention you have to reclass first to vendor AP, then you can pay.



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Hii Ahmad, Thankyou for your solution but I am seeking for sum customize idea through that Z program user can update po retention @ PO level.