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High Memory Usage by system user "sysadmin"

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Looking at the Memory List (SM04->Goto->Memory)the system user (sapsys) has so many memory occupied (about 4 GB !!) does anybody know Why ist so much memory used by sapsys?

How can I check where all that memory is gone? Obviously the Physical Free Mem ist almost at the minimun.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you find that a lot of memory is being used,

here are a couple of ideas to narrow down the


Note the transactions being executed.

Stop SAP and the database. Note how much memory

is being used by the OS.Using OS tools (Task Manager

in Oracle, vmstat etc.. in Unix) note how much memory

is being used by the OS.

(ii) Start the database. Note how much memory

is being used by the database and OS.

(iii) Start SAP. Note the same thing.

(iv) Start your transactions, hopefully one at a time,

and note the memory use.

In the later versions of R/3 (And ECC, I assume)

through SM04 you can determine what uses lots of


ST03 can also help you determine memory usage.

I. Friedman

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Thanks for your answer, but the situation is when you look at SM04->Goto->Memory you only see as user "sapsys" but there is no way of how to check what/who/where is consuming so much memory. When you look at "normal" user you see the transaction name then you can investigate, that is clear. But whe the user is simply "sapsys" there is no clue of what transaction/process is taking the memory. Any idea?

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Hi Jorge:

You can go to ST03N and look under User Profile Statistics.

You will see that user id SAPSYS is used for the following:

- Buf.Sync

- <ddlog cleanup>

- AutoABAP

- <no buffer>

That is why all the stuff done by this user is currently using memory for.

Hope this helps!


Federico G. Babelis

NetWeaver Certified Consultant

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