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Hide Travel planning from TRIP

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Hi Experts

is there any way to hide Travel planning functionality from Tcode TRIP.

As we are not implementing travel planning or integration to third party system for travel booking.

So is it possible to remove that from TRIP as client will not be using it so they dont want to see it



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Answers (3)

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Neha Desai , There is a similar setting for ECC (R/3 ) as well. check it out

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Hello Neha,

You can deactivate the whole Travel Planning in IMG:

Financial Accounting (New)

Travel Management

Integration of Travel Planning and Travel Expenses

Settings for Travel Manager

Activate Request/Plan/Expense Report in Travel Manager and for Web Dynpro

-> [ ] Edit Travel Plans



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Thanks Raynard

But that will only be applicable for portal correct? Can i remove the same from R/3 also? Cause i have made the changes but still m able to see it.



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Other Settlement

Cell 14th from left . Choose 2

Options there are

0 Edit requests, plans and expense reports

1 Edit requests and plans only

2 Edit requests and expense reports only

3 Edit requests only

4 Edit plans and expense reports only

5 Edit plans only

6 Edit expense reports only

7 Overview only, editing of trips not possible