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Hide Field and TextField in PA20, PA30 through screen control.

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Dear Experts,

I want to hide Pers.Assgn and textbox and other two icons.

I checked in "Change screen control" and "change screen modification".

I got the label and textfied tech information from below mentioned screenshots

I know to hide the field .but how to find the parameters to control infotype PA20, PA30, PA40

how can i find the exact place to make changes on the preferred screen?.

Please provide screenshots if it is possible.

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Answers (4)

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Hello Dear .

Just Deactivate (Remove X and save )following Group and semantic assignment in the table T77S0

CCURE and GLEMP Description is Managment of Gloabal employees

Let me know once done....


Srinivas Reddy Mallepally

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check whether Pers.Assn. is maintained in the screen header.

1. Path: Personnel Management --> Personnel Administration --> Customizing User Interfaces --> Change Screen Header

- Header structure per infotype

- Header Modifier

- Infotype header definition

2. Path: Personnel Management --> Personnel Administration --> Customizing User Interfaces --> Change Screen Modifications

otherwise check these settings:

I think you have activated concurrent employment switch.

Path: Personnel Administration -> Customizing Procedures -> Settings for Concurrent Employment

or T-code: SM30 : V_T77S0SC

CCURE PAUIX    X CE Master Data User Interface Enhancements

*Remove the Activation ' X ' and check the PA30.

Best Regards,

Praneeth kumar

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Dear Praneeth

Thanks for your response

1. X is not assigned ,so no problem there

2. Tell me weather i have to hide or remove this highlighted things

and we can remove it in the path Infotype header definition

we can hide it on Change Screen Modifications. and how can i do this?

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Hi Vijay,

Check if you can hide through V_T558M t.code .If not possible take Technical Team (Abaper) help.

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HI Vijay,

you might have to take the help of ABAPer or a senior person to help you(also would need developer key as you would be changing the object), one of the way to hide this filed is to go to SE51 enter the the program  SAPMP50A and select the screen numbers 110 and 120 and change the display attributes, for the filed RP50G-CCNTR, as invisible, this should give you your desired result, but do consult with your senior if you are not confident in changing the, there are other ways to achieve the same but I would say this would be the easiest way I can think of.

hope this helps