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Hide Database or limit access to database

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I have three database in a sql server .I donot want to delete database or detach .What I want to do is limit the B1 user to limit access to database or company.

For example

i have three company like

arizona office

Newyork office

California office

I donot want California office employee to log into Newyork office.Is any way SAP business One security policy help me to do that .

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Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the California office user id does not exist in Newyork company database, they cannot access it.

If you want to have the user in all the 3 databases then have a different password in the Newyork DB.

Let me know if your question is something else


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Hi suda

Thank you for the response. So far , our users can have access to another database as they need to access the information sometimes

Thre problem is user are entering into the wrong database unknowingly and entering information and creating problem .

I like the idea of having two password for one users but users want to have only one password .

What I am trying to do is

1.Only one database visible for one office

2.When he or she want to access , I can make it visible for only that user.

Is this possible ? Or Any workaround .

Thank you

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It will not be possible to make a database visible and not visible.

Only having two passwords is a possible option


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For each database I also suggest putting logo or company name on screen Administration > System Initialization > General > Font and Background - Browse to a logo and it will be the background.

Also suggest changing color of screens, IE Arizona is classic, California is green, New York is yellow. This helps a lot as you can tell users only work in their color

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Hi Blshal

I think your request can not likely be done on B1 level authorization.

However,it can be done on SQL Server level authorization.

1. You can add a new login via SQL Enterprise Manager: [Server ->

Security Folder -> Logins].

2. Right click on Logins, choose "New Login".

3. Select the "General" tab, Enter Name for this new "Login".

4. Choose the "SQL Server Authentication" mode (to verify which mode to

use, check the properties of the "sa" login in this Security


5. Specify a default language and database for this login.

6. Select the "Database Access" tab.

7. Tick SBO Common from the top window and ensure both public and

db_owner are ticked in the lower window.

8. Choose whatever databases you want this user to have access to in

the upper window and and again ensure both public and db_owner are

ticked in the lower window. Click OK.

9. When logging on to SBO, in the "Choose Company" window, click on

"Change". There enter your newly created Login ID. Click OK.

10. Press the "Scan" button. Now only the chosen databases will be


Also,you could give the user only db_read role for those DB

he should not input information.


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