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hi to alll

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Do anybody have any document of subcontracting, please send me in the email id

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Refer link below

<a href="">Process of Subcontract</a>

<a href="">SAP R/3 Scenario: Subcontracting</a>

Steps for Subcontracting

Like to share with you my Subcontracting Steps:

1. Define all the materials in your plant (subcontracting and packaging etc).

2. In the material master MRP 4 view there is one field in which you can mention that this material is not relevant to MRP planning, use this field for subcontracting material so that it will not be planned in MRP runs ( generally use this field for re-order point planning).

3. In the BOM for the subcontracting material put the special procurement key as Subcontracting and do not keep relevance for costing.

4. If you're using packaging material of your company and want to capture the cost of these materials in the subcontracting production order then put relevance for cost.

5. Define alternate BOMs for each customer.

6. Generally the routing will be the same but materials will change, define different prodcution versions for each alternate BOM and assign to the routing.

7. Define the activite types for packing and mixing in the work center and assign them to the cost center, use these for your routing.

8. Whenever you recive a sub-contracting order, use the relevant production version depending on the customer.

In my place all the palnts belong to the same client in sap and they want to use the same material code in both plants, so I think my subcontracting scenario might be different from yours but it give you some ideas to go about it.

To Define Subcontracting Cost Center : Goto - ca02 - double click operation number. It is at the section call External Processing. (Subcontracting will be tick)

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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and pls whn posting a query pls do mention the subject related to the query !...

Sub Contracting Cycle

(1) You have a material that can be procured externally, and you have maintained BOM with components. Any waste generated and received during subcontracting process can be maintained as component with negative quantity.

(2) You create a subcontracting PO (PO with Item Category L). You can also maintain Purchase Info Record for Subcontract category for material and subcontractor.

(3) You make a transfer posting to issue components for SC PO. Material is sent to subcontractor. As material remains under your ownership, system does not make any value entry. But quantity is shown as "Material Provided to Vendor"

(4) You receive finished material against SC-PO. You also specify components consumed in manufacturing of finished goods. Additionally, if you have negative components in BOM, now you'll also receive subcontracting by-products. There are three events, so three accounting entries are generated:

DR FG Stock/ SC By-Product Stock

CR Change in Stock (FG/ SC By-Product )

(for finished goods received)

DR Subcontracting Charges


(for moneys payable to Subcontractor)

DR Consumption (Components)

CR Change in Stock (FG/ SC By-Product )

(material provided to Vendor is now charged to expense)

(5) You do the IV for SC Invoice, and the process is complete.

Process of Subcontract in MM

Sub-contract business process:

You want to buy material from the supplier (processed material/ assembled item) , but for some reason (quality of certain item / price ) you will give some component to vendor .

Vendor shall process the item / use the item provided & supply the final item.

SAP process:

1.Create the finished goods material code.

2.Maintain the BOM for the material.

3.Create PO with item category as "L" .

4.Issue material to vendor with movement type 541

5.Receive the material against the PO with movement type 101.

6.MIRO to account for vendor's invoice for the service charge& material used by him.

Can anybody tell me how a process has to be given to subcontracting?

Suppose, I have 3 operations 1)weaving 2)dyeing 3)cutting & packing

if no 2 process (i.e Dyeing) has to be given to subcontracting, what process should i follow ?

The following process to be followed for subcontracting.

1. Item code(material master) to be created at the stage of before dyeing.

2. Item code(material master) to be created after Dyeing as subcontracted item.(F30)

3. Bill of material to becreated for the material(2) calling for material(1)

4. Inforecord and source list to be created for material(2) with the corresponding vendor

5. PO to be released for material (2)

6.Along with PO the material(1) to be issued to vendor

7.On receipt of material when GR is made the stock with vendor will get updated.

How to Create a Subcontract Order?

To create a subcontract order, proceed as follows:

Enter the material you want to order and the item category for subcontracting (L) in the order item.

Press ENTER to display the screen for component processing.

Enter the components that the vendor requires to manufacture the product.

Please note:

– You do not need to enter the date required for the components. This date is proposed by the system when you press ENTER.

It is calculated as follows:

Delivery date of the item - Planned delivery time

– If you do not want the quantity of the components to be changed if the order quantity of the end product is altered, set the indicator Fixed quantity (column F).

– You can determine whether the components are available on the date required by selecting Edit -> Availability check.

If you entered a bill of material as the material in the subcontract order, the components are created automatically.

If you want to determine the components in the bill of material at a later date (for example, if the bill of material is subsequently changed), choose Item -> Component -> New BOM explosion. The existing components are deleted and redetermined in the bill of material.

Save the purchase order.

When you print the purchase order, the components are printed per order item.

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