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Hi masters

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we are manufactured of pens and we have a SAP for last 6 years but now we try to run MRP.

problems front of us is.

1. Orders are very frequent.

2. who to control inventory.

3. if we run MRP on MD50 on sale order basis then daily they pic stock of running orders.

4 we using  strategy 10 MTO.

please suggest.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The question is a bit broad.

(a) For a start I would suggest to read about various planning strategies and choose the strategy that best suits your planning scenario.

(b) Understand the different type of planning procedures such as MRP, MPS etc.

(c) Understand various MRP run types (single item single level, single item multi level, for sales order etc.)

(d) Go through the MRP evaluation techniques.

After reading the SAP online help documents related to the topics mentioned above and searching in SCN forums I think you will get the answers of your queries.

Good luck,


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