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hi friends good evening

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1.what is using of credit control area

2. what is using of revenue account

in the above questions plz; reply me

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Answers (2)

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Credit control area is used for the purpose of credit management of customer.While configuring credit control area we define the stage at which it shuold put the control.

For managing the individual credit limit you can use fd32.

In very advance situation u can manage credit limit with the help bank for customers. by uploading credit available balance of your customer in bank through coding encoding u can update u r credit records directly

Revenue accounts are specifically defined to identify the income recieved by the organization.These are the part of p&l accounts. While defining fsv you define revenue and expense account and transfer balance to bal sheet.


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credit control area restricts the customers by considering their credit limits.. here credit limits will be specified, where in SAP wont allow customers to take goods after reaching this credit limit..

revenue means incomes for the company where in according to the accouting rules we have to credit all revenues. so in p&l account revenues will be credited always..

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