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hi experts can u explain me about the free goods in b1

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hello friends

i have a critical problem in my project that , there are free goods for customers in my clients co. if the customer order 10 items ,there is one item free....

so how can i configure this in business one please

explain me in details

if there are any documents please send me across to my mail


naidu and madhu

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Hi Samatham

If you mean if you buy 10 you will get 1 free ......basically what you are saying is that the customer pays for 9 items and picks up 10 items.

There are 2 ways of achieving this.

First method:

1. In a sales order put 9 items in the first row and the system calculates the price for the whole 9 items

2. In the second line put one more item and put the price as 0.

In effect the 10th item will become free.

Second method:

1. Go to Hierarchies and Expansions and select the Price list in which you want the scheme to run

2. Select the row and double click it. The validity period window will open.

3. Again double click it and the Quantity wise discount window will open.

4. Now let us consider an example in which you have to give 1 iem free if the customer purchases 1 i.e basically buy 1 get 1 free. Then for this in the Quantity based discount window mention the Quantity to be 2 and the discount to be 50 % whtt will in effect happen is that you are giving away 2 pieces for the price of one . Similarly for 3 pieces it will be 33.33 % discountand for 4 pieces it will 25 % discount . Similarly for 10 Pcs I believe it will be 10 % Discount.

Please check this out.


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Can be this done for Fixed Asset Virtual Items also?

With Regards,

Samudra Gupta