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Hi Differe betw SBO_SP_PostTransactionNotice and SBO_SP_TransactionNotifica

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Hi Friends

I want to know the diffrence between SBO_SP_PostTransactionNotice and SBO_SP_TransactionNotification.if possible give example

and the navigation buttons in the application of sap b1

Awaiting Soon Reply

Rajkumar Gupta

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Explanation of transactionnotification is on

Explanation of posttransaction I never saw, Im not sure if exists.

The mainly diference is, that in posttransaction you should call external aplication. For example after adding invoice, you should call external program which will synchronize new added invoice to other database immediately.

I saw some discussion about posttransaction in SBO forum (not SDK) - try to search in history.

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i m using sap b1 2007b in that SBO_SP_PostTransactionNotice .

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There no good guide about the new Stored Procedures yet. See some information under:

As of SAP Business One 2007: (the same is valid for A and B Cluster)

o SBO_SP_TransactionNotification can be used for both propagating information

about a change in a Business Object (UDO or standard SAP Business One) as

well as interrupting (i.e. rolling back) the propagated transaction.

o Setting the @error parameter to a non-zero value (hence causing a rollback) is

allowed. !!! This is not supported in previous Versions 2005 !!!

o For purely transaction propagating purposes SAP recommends to use of the

newly introduced stored procedure SBO_SP_PostTransactionNotice.



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