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hi all

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I am trying to call a same day foreign payment for Yvonne Catani -

vendor account 8100021 - using payment method 'Z'.

The account has bank details, but when I call the payment run the

account is not coming up for payment. It is not listed on the exception

report either as having any problems.

Do you know why this could be?

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Answers (1)

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Your payment terms might say it might be due after some time and not today..

Chek that...




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hi on that time that will become on excemption list

there is no items in excemption list on that time

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There could be numerous possible reasons for this.

- Have you checked FBZP thoroughly and confirmed that the payment method "Z" is configured properly?

- Maybe the House Bank does not have the said payment method configured

- Maybe the currency of payment is not allowed for the selected Bank account

- Maybe the vendor is an international account, and international payments are not supported by this payment method

I'm afraid there are way too many possible things here that could have gone wrong. So, either you'll have to investigate more thoroughly yourself, or provide us with more detailed information about your system setup.

Also, don't forget to search SDN forums for earlier such queries - there are many replies posted earlier to similar problems, and one or more of them might help you identify your problem reason also.

Remember to assign points if found useful.