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I am beginning to start my career in SAP SD, got trained in it, but I am not happy with the material i have, plz provide me with some good material and some scenarios that would be helpful for me in facing interviews, taking on certification and working later in job.

Points shall be provided in back and lots of thanks in advance.




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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Reddy,

Herez few interview Faq's, very much helpful.


What is account group? Why it is required? Few points?

When we create our own Sales document type?

What is Sales Information System?

What is return goods movement type?

Price type in copy control indicates for?

When saving following documents what will update,


Sales document,


Delivery document


Billing document

Without picking can we do the post goods issue? If yes , how?

What is MRP types?

What is material determination ,why it is required? What are the customization settings?

What is the difference between XD01 , VD01 & FD01?

Difference between plant and storage location?

In how many ways the plant will determine in sales order?

Can we assign one sales organization to different company codes?

Where the integration will occur with MM & FI?

When we create 2 different sales organizations?

Can we sell materials to the customers who are assigned to different company codes?

What are the documents generated when we create cash sales?

What is the consignment process?

What is business process?

What is item usage in item category determination?

How we do the free goods determination?

Difference between AltCtype and AltCBv in pricing procedure?

What are the different type of free goods?

How can we sell the materials from multiple plants?

“Manually pricing should not be changed” where we do the setting?

When we create our own pricing procedure?

Difference between Listing & Exclusion?

Define condition exclusion groups? Explain codition parameter which is allowed in SAP?

Can account determination have condition records?

A condition type without having access sequence is called as?

Where can we see the header conditions ? these conditions are allowed for whole document are only Header level?

Can we see the cost price in sales order?

Why different partner functions required? What will be the effect if we have one time customer account?

Company wants to give the pricing for specific customer as per his past sales history?How can we give?

Can we sell the goods which are allotted for a customer on consignment?

What is credit management?

Where we maintain freight charges? How it will work? How many ways to maintain these charges?

What is incoterms? How it will work?

How we determine Free goods?

with the same material? --- with some other material?

what are the documents generated when creating returns delivery?

Invoice correction is a document order (or) again billing?

What is sales document configuration?

What are the tools used in gathering the requirements?

What is condition type ? what are the important fileds in condition type?

Why access sequence is required in a condition type?

What are the roles & responsibilities of SD consultant ?

Phases of implementation ? where the functional consultant involves in the project?

What is the Business scenario of your client?

What is MTO( Make-To-Order) and ATP(Available-To-Promise)?

When company wants to upgrade from SAP-R/3 4.6c to SAP-R/3 4.7EE? what could be the changes?

What are the configuration changes in billing document?

What is output determination?

What is functional specification? How its format will be?

Before go live who will do the testing?

How and who will give the enduser training ? and end user traing consists of?

Client wants to maintain certain price and discount for first 3 orders only and from the next order price is normal? Where can we do this configuration?

What are requisites for doing the collective delivery?

How the intercompany sales done?

What is the item category for third party sales ? explain the third party sales process?

What is BOM?Explain?

Real time Questions: -HP

What is the As-Is & To-Be process?

When we required the functional specifications?

What is the Gap analysis & How can we reduce the gap?

What are reports? Name a few reports? How can we modify the existing report?

What are the tools used to gather the requirements of a business process?

What is the methodology used in Hard core implementation?

What is landscape & Architecture?

How the data will transfer from one server to another server?

Divide the project duration as per the implementation phases?

When the enduser training starts? What it will be and how the user material will b done?

What is the Business blueprint? When it is called so?

What is the format of business blueprint?

What is supporting? Kinds of supporting projects?

Have you faced any business scenario which sap doesn’t support? How you overcome that problem?

In supporting, how you access the tickets?

Interview Questions: -Capgemini

Structure of Sales Organization?

Controlled by the sales document type?

What is Rush Order?

What is highest organizational unit in SD? Define?

Effect of sales returns after delivering the goods issue (partially delivery) for a single order?

What is pricing limits?

What is customer material info record? What are the important fields?

What is sales order process?

What is item category?

What is credit control? And the credit management?

What is automatic credit control?

Define Inquiry, Quotation & order?

What is Tolerance group?

What is dunning procedure?

What is enhancement?

Brief about the user exits?

Why LSMW is used for?

How can u create Transportation request?

What is landscape?

How many servers client is using now?

<b>*Reward points,</b>

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Answers (5)

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Thanks guyz for the inputs, and shall be rewarded with points!

Thanks again!!

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Dear Harsha,

Let me welcome you in the world of SAP-SD.

Bible for us is and siemens material. Of course is like a religion to us.



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Hi Harsha,

To know more about SD, go thr below links:

Check these links which can help you, to strength your SD knowledge

important questions from interview prespective - Prepare well on below questions:



1.What are the controls in

Sales doc type

Item category

Schedule line category

Delivery type

Delivery Item category

Billing Type

2. Explain Consignment scenario

3. What is account determination and how it takes place in SD

4. What is Rush order explain a scenario

5. What are the different tests you do in Implementation

6. what is significance of Functional SPecification

7. how does pricing takes place in SD? controls in Pricing procedure

8. What are types of Contract

9.. All Standard determinations in SD

10. What is System Landscape 11. What is Billing Plan

12. How do you hide/add fields in Sales document

13. Try remember different Tcodes and menu path for different applications

14. What is Item proposal/proct proposal

15. What is CIN and how does tax determination takes place in SD

16. What is Rebate arrangements and explani in SD

17. What is the significance of Customer material Info

18. Different Views in Material master and Customer master

Reward if it helps



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Hi Reddy,

Welcome to SAP World.

Here are few questions for the interview,

A) As you are an SD consultant, they ask regarding the org str, and particularly Sd elements. Ask how many sales orgs, distribution channels on what basis you have configured

B) Whats the system landscape

C) What was your team size

D) Duration of the project

E) Version implemented

F) Tools used

G) Enduser training given or not if yes what training manuals have you created

H) How did you configure authorization profiles

I) what are the interfaces

J) Gaps identified

K) Reports Developed

L) User exits used

M) Challenges faced. How did you overcome them.

N) Contributions to the project.

O) How the master data uploads were done.

P)What is condition Technique

Q)What are the Integration points with MM and FI

R)How are taxes calculated

S)How are output determined

Apart from the above basic questions,it also depends on what you have written in the RESUME,in fact a lot depends on it.If you have domain knowledge,then try to relate it ot the sales process in SAP i.e.,

Inquiry>Quatation->Sales Order->Delivery-.PGI-->Invoice.

Hope this helps,shoot a mail to me at will send you some more doc's.

Encourage by rewarding.


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You can get some good FAQ's in for SD. However concentrate on your course material and try to understand the scenario's. If you have had a functional experience, then it might help to corelate the study material with your practical functional experience.

Concentrate on pricing, shipping and different scenario's like make to order, configurable materials, availability check, scheduling etc.