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Help on PCR Reading

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I'd appreciate if anyone can help me understand the following PCR step by step.

Z041 Create /1VE



          VWTCL 67 Processing class


                    ADDWT * OT Output table


                    ADDWT * OT Output table

                    ADDWT&/1VE VAR   Variable table


Z025 Percentage calculation


5053 Percentage       *

AMT= /1VE Set

AMT +& /1VE Addition

ADDWT&ITRl VAR Variable table

MULTI ANA Multipl.amt/no/rate

AMT/100     Division

ADDWT&ITR2 VAR Variable table

AMT /1VE Addition

AMT +& /1VE Addition

ADDWT&ITR3 VAR Variable table

MULTI ANA Multipl.amt/no/rate

AMT/100  Division

ADDWT * OT Output table

ADDWT&ITR4 VAR Variable table




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Hi San,

Your question is not clear and very specific to your PCR.

I recommended you to check the existing PCR in payroll schema let say standard PY schema. 

You can get how standard PCR work and then create a PCR by yourself. 

You can start by learning how system /801, /8xx and you can try using PC10 and link your WT to factor.

You can read some other blogs i shared or other members shared and learn.

Best regards,

Woody Nguyen