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help me(urgent)

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Dear all

any one explain how to calculate value valuecocurr in s_alr_87013104 tcode

Thanks regards


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Answers (2)

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Suresh, please do not use urgent in your subject line. it should give some clue as to what your issue actually is.

Read the rules of engagement for more info.


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Dear Suresh ,

Your querry is not clear. Which value do you want to calculate ?

S_ALR_87013104 is sap std sales order cost report.

It gives as output the Sales Order item wise, material,plant, Profit % (plan & actual), Revenue and Cost.

Suppose the MAP value/Std value of a material maintained in a plant is Rs. 1000

You book a sales order (100001) for that material at Rs 1500, and bill it to a customer from that plant.

Now if you take the report for that sales order, then the output will be

Sale order 100001

Item 00010



Planned Profit % = (1500 - 1000) / 100 = 50%

Actual Profit % = 50 %

Revenue = Rs 1500

Cost = Rs 1000


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Thanks ur response

The following steps u run the report

1) u go to S_ALR_87013104

2)from period: 1 1900

to period: 5 2007

u select ur control area

then next u give sale order no

after u go to further selections tab

u tick including production order

and next

u go to settings for results list

u select sales and distribution documents

layout s 1sap04

and then excute

and then next double click sales document

next duuble click orgin

now u can see

documentno costelement costelementname <b>valuecocurr</b>

the <b>valuecocurr</b> how will calculate

Thanks Regards