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Help me for print layout designer

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Can you tell me, if a layout was designed, can we use it for other company.

Becase i do not want design new for other copmpany. Require for layout of new company also same old one.

Thanks for support.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can use a PLD layout across multiple company DB. You can use the SAP Addon CopyExpress to copy a PLD from One company DB to another. There is also a SQL script, and a cut and paste method to copy a PLD format from one DB to another.


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Hi Dan:

Because I don't have SAP CopyExperss, where can I get that SQL script to copy my PLD from one company to another?

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If you have formatted search and UDT in your report, you should use CopyExpress if you don't want to copy manuelly all the Formatted searches and UDT too.

In the beginning I was using this SQL query to transfer the report, but it's wasn't very useful in case where the primary key was already use in the previous report...

I think CopyExpress is a free add-on. I use it now and it's much better.

For the SQL, try this :

DEST = Destination Database

SOURCE = Source Database

? = Your username

insert into [DEST].[dbo].[RDOC]

select *

from [SOURCE].[dbo].[RDOC]

where [SOURCE].[dbo].[RDOC].Author = '?'

insert into [DEST].[dbo].[RITM]

select [SOURCE].[dbo].[RITM].*

from [SOURCE].[dbo].[RITM], [SOURCE].[dbo].[RDOC]

where [SOURCE].[dbo].[RITM].DocCode = [SOURCE].[dbo].[RDOC].DocCode and

[SOURCE].[dbo].[RDOC].Author = '?'

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