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How sales document is structured

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You define the control data for the various document types in sales. The control data refers to:

Document types

Item categories

Schedule line categories

You also define the following for the sales documents in the subsequent menu options:

Possible order reasons

Possible reasons for rejection

Various blocks

Various order types

Number ranges

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Header data

The general data that is valid for the entire document is recorded in the document header. For example,

Number of the sold-to party

Number of the ship-to party and the payer

Document currency and exchange rate

Pricing elements for the entire document

Delivery date and shipping point

Item data

Whereas data in the document header applies to all items in the document, some data applies only to specific items. This data is stored at item level and includes the:

Material number

Target quantity for outline agreements

Number of the ship-to party and the payer (an alternative ship-to party or payer can be defined for a particular item)

Plant and storage location specifications

Pricing elements for the individual items

Schedule line data

An item consists of one or more schedule lines. The schedule line contains all the data that is needed for a delivery. For example, a customer orders 20 units of a particular material which you enter as one item in the sales order. However, you can only deliver 10 pieces now and the remaining 10 pieces next month so you need to schedule two deliveries. The data for these deliveries (dates, confirmed quantities) are stored in two separate schedule lines. In sales documents where delivery data is not relevant, for example, contracts, credit and debit memo requests, the system does not create any schedule lines.

Data recorded in the schedule lines includes the:

Schedule line quantity

Delivery date

Confirmed quantity

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Sales Document is structured:

<b>1.Sales document Header Level</b>, Eg: Sales document type - OR, T.code: VOV8.

Consist of customer details, partners, texts, so on..

<b>2. Sales document Item Level,</b> Eg: Item Category - TAN, T.code: VOV7.

consist of material details, texts, so on..

<b>3. Schedule line level,</b> Eg: Schedule line category - CP, t.code: VOV6.

Consist of Delivery date, Quantity..

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