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Header Condtion for RFQ and Conract pricing procedure

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Hi All,

we have configured new pricing procedure purchansing documents.

We are able to see in PO, header and Item condtion types but In RFQ and COntract we are able to see only at item level.

Please guide us how to resolve this issue.


Nagaraj K

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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please check first the document type for the RFQ and the contract you

are using. Was the time-dependent conditions flag set for these document types?

The standard schema for purchasing documents is RM0000. In gross price

condition type PB00, supplementary calculation schema is RM0002.

When updating time-dependent conditions in a purchasing document, the

system will first check the main schema. It will check the first

condition type, which is the gross price condition type PB00 in

standard. It will find the supplementary pricing procedure (RM0002 in

in standard) that is assigned to the gross price condition type. These

are the supplementary conditions that can be included together with

pb00 for the quotation item.

Table A019 is used for header conditions for contracts, scheduling

agreements and quotations using time-dependent conditions. When you

want to maintain header conditions in the quotation, the system will

check all conditions in standard schema RM0000, to see if any contain

an access sequence that includes table A019. In standard, only condition

type RA01 contains an access sequence which includes table A019.

Therefore condition type RA01 will be proposed for updating in standard.

RA01 is defined with it's own supplementary pricing procedure RM0001.

You will only be able to include condition types that are used together

with RA01 as supplementary conditions from RM0001!



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