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header condition distribution base on minimum price condition

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Hi Team,

There is one requirement from client. There is one header discount condition ZX02- (fix amount) which distributed on line item level on base of net value. It is working fine. 

Now there is requirement that if any item has minimum price (PMIN) condition in that case discount(ZX02) amount for those lines should not be greater than difference of ( price - minimum price ) . Example Price(pr00) 1300 , Minimum Discount(PMIN) 1250, So in this case ZX02 not be greater then 50. Problem is that how we can achieve this. Further how another item (where PMIN not exist) ZX02  amount adjust to meet total discount amount. 

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I believe you will a new "Alternative Formula for Condition Base Value for Header Discount Condition ZX02. 

The Coding here will be a little complex and the method to distribute ZX02 to Items without PMIN will be based on Business Requirements. 


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Hi Jignesh,Thanks for response . I try with alternative base formula. But problem is that I have only exact value which I want to set. Like in above scenario I want 50 for for 2nd line where PMIN exist. But unable to figure out how I get exact base value for this.