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HCM Training and event Management

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Hi Experts,

In Training and Event Management, If i have 10 days course, in this case do i need to create Single Business Event (E) from 01.12.2013 to 10.12.2013

or Do i need to create 10 different Business Events (E) for each day and need to do booking at each event. suggest me best practive

If i do Single Business Event (E) for 10 days   : how can i cancell attendee on perticular day and how can i cancel one day class on perticular day

While follwup business event im not getting option to specify attendee absence or present and pass/fail

where i can see attencance and cancellation report.

Suggest me

Thank you


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you need to create a single business event and not every each day

In this step, you define attendance types for instructors and attendees (object type "P")using the switches AINST and APART. These values are then written as subtypes of the Absences infotype(2002) You also set the switch TIMEP which defines the minimum percentage attendance at course that must be recorded to prevent cancelation of the booking. Requirements The values you enter must be stored with the type "P" for attendance/absences in Customizing for Time Management (PT) for all groupings of the personnel subareas. ..."You also set the switch TIMEP which defines the minimum percentage attendance at course that must be recorded to prevent cancelation of the booking". S_AHR_61016215 - Bookings per Attendee S_PH9_46000431 - Attendee's Training History

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Dear Expert,

Thank you for your response

I'm doing this way for 180 days i'm creating single object type (E)

01.07.2013 - 26.12.2013  180DAYS Training (E)

I'm booking for 180 days at a time (it is updating 2002 attendance infotype)

If any absence i'm doing in 2001 infotype on perticular day so attendance will be deleted (pls correct me if i'm doing wrong)

(in this how can i take absence report  for entire 180 days )

Requirement is 4 Time Blocks per day, in each block instructor will be different, based on hours instructor will be paid

For 180 days Each day i have 4 Time blocks and differet faculty in each time block









Instructors i'm assigning manually at event leave through resource assignment per each time block

In day segment , standard system is having  have 3 Time blocks (here i'm finding difficulty in assigning instructor as per 4 Time block.

(pls advice me how to manage instructor assingment at 4TB & charge amount for them for each time block)

While creating 01.07.2013 - 26.12.2013  180DAYS Training (E)

System is not skipping public holidays (Sunday too) just system is indicating tick mark day off or not

or do i need to change manully at

01.07.2013 - 26.12.2013  180DAYS Training (E)   > Schedule > Change (then change Sundays and public holidays to working days)

Pls Advice me ...