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HCM : Sick Leave multi entry in same payroll period calculation issue

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Dear Experts ,

I have an issue with sick leave calculation (only with multiple sick leave in same payroll month) duplication occurred

working well if i entered it in one line .

payroll period (26.2.2020 : 25.3.2020)



your response is highly appreciated


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Qouta deduction is right 13 day in IT2006 .

but for the wage type deducted amount i got it triple (1672.32 x 3)

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You would need to provide more information.

At its most simple for an absence entered to IT2001 will not generate wage types, so you have either additional configuration for absence valuation (T554C) or you have one or more PCRs in Time and/or Payroll.

By the nature of your issue I would suspect a PCR and not Config but you would need to let us know where the wage types get generated


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What information (WT and Number) is transfered from Time Eval. to Payroll regarding these 3 Absences?

In your Payroll Schema, did you create a Custom PCR to valuate these Unpaid Absences?

If you do a Payroll Simulation with the "Display Log" box checked, can you identify where these Absences (and their corresponding WTs) are processed?

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Thank you very much ,

i've solved my issue , handled it by writing pcr

Regards ,