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Has anyone experienced issues with PU19 in test mode vs prod mode?

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Hi gurus!

Has anyone seen differences in the files when running US Tax Reporter in production mode versus test mode? We have done several preliminary runs and validated the files in all environments (development, acceptance and production). All files looked good even the last validation in the production system - test mode, until we ran it in the production system - production mode and we noticed several differences from production system - test mode. It was obviously not expected that the values would change just by running production mode vs test mode, but it happened. Incident was opened with SAP but we have not been able to replicate the error in any of the non-production environments. We exhausted our options to find out what the issue could be. Out of ideas. Any help assistance would be greatly appreciated if someone experienced the same issue.


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We found out what the problem was.

All of the Tax Reports from Tax Reporter go to a same table. Since the quarterly SUI (State Unemployment Insurance) was run on Dec 28 that run generated an entry in table T5UXY locked the system for our tax company as of Dec 31, 2016.

Tax Reporter was considering all the results until Dec 28 (SUI run date). Any adjustments after that (like 13.month that was made on Jan 02) were not being picked up. When running in test mode, tax reporter gets the system date not the date from T5UXY. We would never be able to replicate the error in test environments as SUI was never run in development or acceptance adding the record to the table.

Hope this information can help others!